How to Select Best Custom Living Room Drapes in Toronto

How to Select Best Custom Living Room Drapes in Toronto

How to Choose Custom Drapes for Your Living Room in Toronto

Window treatments play a vital role in enhancing your home decor. A living room without drapes, curtains or shades looks incomplete. With them, it looks luxurious and vibrant and is more functional.

When I was looking for custom drapes for my Toronto condo’s living room, I consulted a number of window treatment companies but none were of much help. Then a friend recommended Lerner Interiors.

I called them and the next day a consultant visited my home to take measurements and thoroughly explain their process.

According to them, homeowners should always keep in mind the purpose for which we want to buy window coverings. For example, if your goal is to enhance the look and feel of your home then you should primarily focus on style. However, there are other reasons to buy custom drapes for your living room, including privacy and light control.

I was impressed by the simple way in which they explained this to me. After discussing my preferences and budget, we choose silk drapery. From material selection and pricing to installation, they were with me at every step.

Within two weeks, they had completed the whole project. They also followed up to check if I was facing any issues. Three years later, my draperies are still functional and look great.

Are you thinking about getting custom drapes in Toronto for your living room? Keep reading to learn about the key points to look for.

Ways to Choose Custom Living Room Drapes in Toronto

Do you want sheer drapes to give your living room a sophisticated look? Are you searching for drapes to stop heat loss? Here are a few key pieces of advice for picking the right drapes for your living room.

Pick Insulated Draperies

If you are worried about heat loss through your living room windows in winter then choose highly-insulated custom-made drapes. These are usually lined with heavy fabric for effective light control and to insulate your windows against heat loss or absorption. Plus, they can absorb sound waves to block outside noise.

Choose Silk Drapes for a Luxurious Appearance

Do you want to give your living room a luxurious look? Silk drapes have a delicate sheen and smooth texture. For a more stylish look, choose textured silk drapes.

Pay Attention to Drape Width and Length

Your drapes should be almost double the total width of the window where you want to hang them. They should also be very long. For a luxurious look, let them touch the ground with a lot of fabric to spare.

For a more contemporary look, your drapes should only skim the floor. Keep in mind that short drapes look truncated. Always pick custom draperies that match your living room decor and are long enough for your space.

Select the Right Method of Installation

There are two ways to install custom drapes in your living room: the contemporary and traditional way. In the contemporary way, you mount the hardware below the window casing; in the traditional style, you install it a few inches above.

Use these methods to select the best custom drapes for your living room. After all, readymade ones can never match them in terms of style and quality. Whether you have traditional or contemporary home decor, custom-made draperies are a great way to renovate your living room and enhance its efficiency. For more information on draperies and other window coverings, consult a leading window treatment company now.

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