Window Glass Replacement

Window Glass Replacement

Window Glass Replacement: 6 Signs That the Time Has Come

The windows in your home are not only functional but also enhance their openness and beauty. Apart from allowing in sunlight and offering a view outside, they also obviously allow you to let in fresh air.

But if they are not performing up to the task, they require immediate attention.

Here are the signs that signify that window glass replacement may be necessary.

Let’s get started.

Signs That Indicate Your Glass Window Needs Replacement

Here are important signs that glass window replacement is on the horizon in your home.

  1. Increased Cooling and Heating Costs

This is especially noticeable in homes with old or broken windows. Replacing these damaged windows helps to prevent both heat loss and air leaks which greatly reduce your energy bills.

  1. Experiencing Cold Drafts on Stormy Days

If you feel a cold draft when standing by the window during winter, chances are high that you have a leak nearby. You can confirm this by performing a simple test. Burn a stick of incense near the window and if the smoke moves then you are certain of having a leak. So, replace your leaking window with a new one to make your home more energy-efficient.

  1. Having Trouble Lowering or Raising the Windows

Operating windows, especially glass ones, should be smooth and easy. But when you struggle to shut or open them, this is a definite sign that they need to be replaced.

  1. Seeing Fog between Double-Pane Windows

If you witness condensation or fog between the panes of glass, that is a sign of an issue with the sealing. Damaged sealing allows moisture to accumulate between panes. In freezing weather, you may also witness ice or frost build-up. In some cases, glass window repair is recommended; in others, replacing the window is a better choice.

  1. Double-Pane Windows Are Cold to the Touch

If your double-pane windows are cold to the touch, this may indicate that your air conditioning or heating is not working properly. As mentioned, to properly heat and cool your home, you need glass windows with proper insulating properties.

  1. Noise from Outside

If you are hearing too much noise from outside, this may indicate that your old-fashioned windows need replacing. Older models generally do not have multiple glass panes to prevent the noises of traffic, barking dogs, et cetera from entering. So, choose new ones with several such panes to insulate your home properly and get rid of this noise pollution.

Top Benefits of Replacing Glass Windows

Below are the top benefits of replacing glass windows.

  • Decrease Energy Bills

The key benefit of glass window replacement is that your home can be insulated properly which reduces your energy bills. Suppose you find out that you have to pay a lot for your summer AC needs and in winter your gas bill is also very high. This may indicate that you need to hire a reliable glass window replacement service.

  • Increase Your Property’s Value

Window replacement will help to create a comfortable interior, add a lot of style to your home, and increase its value. So consider this option, especially if you are planning to sell your house, to attract potential buyers.

  • Warranty Available

Depending on the manufacturer and model you choose, your new glass windows may come with a 15- to 20-year warranty. So, if something goes wrong after the window replacement, you can make a claim against the warranty.

These are the signs that indicate you need a quick and effective glass window replacement for your Toronto-area home. Handling these issues promptly will ensure that they don’t become worse and increase your costs. To learn more, contact a leading glass window company near you today.

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