5 Best Reviewed Quartzite Slabs Options in 2023

What Are the Best Reviewed Quartzite Slab Options for 2023

Our Top-Rated Quartzite Slab Options for 2023

As attractive as marble and harder than granite, quartzite is both a beautiful and practical countertop material for your kitchen.

Often confused with an engineered stone called quartz, quartzite is a natural metamorphic rock that is created when sandstone is exposed to tremendous pressure and heat below the earth’s crust. Then this stone is mined, cut into slabs, and sealed prior to its installation as backsplashes and countertops.

Having natural veining, quartzite also resembles marble but is more durable and calls for less maintenance. Because of these benefits, it is one of the most popular options for fireplace surrounds and wall cladding, in addition to bathroom and kitchen countertops. Toronto’s leading stone fabricator has curated a list of top-rated quartzite slabs to help you make an informed purchase in 2023.

What Are the Best Quartzite Slab Options for 2023?

Below are the top quartzite slab options you may consider for your space in the new year.

Taj Mahal Quartzite 

This attractive natural stone slab is quarried from Brazil, but its stunning ivory-white colouring resembles the Taj Mahal, the majestic monument of India from where it gets its name. With its intricate crystalline structure, this stone has a unique texture and a simple and elegant colour scheme.

Calacatta Quartzite 

This beautiful white quartzite slab mimics the look of marble but costs less. Its white background is softer and the veins across the stone are smoky grey. Quartzite is durable, nonporous, and can be used in both residential and commercial buildings.

Super White Quartzite

This white-coloured quartzite slab has small to intense veins in light, medium, or dark colours. These shades vary from white and grey to beige. In its purest form, it imitates the look of marble but the impurities give this slab remarkable swirls and patterns.

Macaubus Fantasy Quartzite 

It has beautiful swirls and its soft and soothing shades of blue, grey, and tan move across its white background. This is a pleasing addition to bathrooms, kitchens, and even outdoor kitchens.

Azurra Bay Quartzite

This quartzite slab has a light blue background with white to grey layers intertwining across the surface. This gives the slab the look of gentle ocean waves. It has a unique texture and veining and a neutral colour scheme that makes it suitable for any home design style.

Dakar Quartzite

Quarried from Brazil, this quartzite slab has a dramatic and unique pattern that mimics the look of water. Dark grey veining swirls and sweeps across the white and light grey background to create a stunning look. This distinct pattern makes this slab ideal for countertop or wall cladding. Its neutral colour scheme matches well with surrounding furniture and accessories and requires little maintenance.

Castle Stone Quartzite

It is a mid-tone green colour with azure tinges. It is a pleasing colour that pairs well with soft cream or white trims for a spacious and bright effect.

Ice Flakes Quartzite 

This type has specks of silver and gold that look like stunning ice flakes when exposed to light. This unique pattern complements light wood and tile furniture.

Whether replacing your bathroom vanity top or kitchen countertop, the type of quartzite slab you select is important. After all, it may affect its cleaning requirements and the overall look and feel of your space. Therefore, it is vital to choose one that matches well with the style of the room in which it is to be used. Hopefully, this blog allows you to choose the best quartzite slab options for your space as we head into the new year.

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