Why Choose Roller Shades for Small Windows?

Why Choose Roller Shades for Small Windows

When covering a small window, you want to allow in as much sunlight as possible to prevent your space from looking even smaller. There are different types of window shades that are used for small windows and one of the most popular is roller shades.

Their minimalist design does not overwhelm your small window; instead, it fits closely within the frame. These interior window roller shades are available in different sizes, patterns, colours and materials.

In this post, we discuss why you should install them.

Let’s get started.

They Are Affordable 

Small window roller shades are a cost-effective option perfect for a small window in any room. Other window coverings such as drapes and curtains need a lot of fabric which increases their costs. As these shades do not need as much fabric, they are more affordable.

They Provide an Uncluttered Look 

As mentioned, the sleek and uncluttered design of interior window roller shades streamlines the overall appearance of your small window and makes it look elegant and clean. Made from a single fabric panel, they may be easily connected to a corded unit or motorized roller.

They Are Functional 

These roller shades occupy little space because they are almost invisible when rolled up. Drapes or curtains occupy floor space when rolled to one side. However, roller shades sit tightly on the window frame, appear streamlined and clean, and fully roll away when not in use.

They Are Easily Motorized

Most standard window treatments offer minimal shade, and any changes should only be made manually. But with these roller shades, you can have motorized options to provide easy operation and maximum safety and security for homes with pets and children. This is because corded window treatments are a strangling hazard which is not there in motorized ones.

Motorized shades may be easily adjusted either using a smartphone app or remote control for optimum privacy and light control. They are also appropriate for senior citizens with mobility problems who may not be able to easily adjust non-motorized shades or ones that are out of reach.

They Are Highly Energy Efficient

You may enhance the energy efficiency of your home by having side channels installed to lessen the gaps between the shades and the window sill. If you pair them with sunshades, this increases the total amount of light being reflected, reduces glare, decreases the temperature in your home, and reduces energy bills. During winter, these shades reduce the heating cost as they create insulation that retains warm air. This also helps keep the interiors heated during cold months.

They Are Available in a Wide Range of Styles

Whether you have traditional or contemporary home decor, you may get roller shades of different colours, patterns and fabrics to cater to your needs. When considering opacity, you also need to determine the level of privacy and light control your room requires. Below are the four levels of opacity available.


This allows ample light while blocking the view. This can help you to get the right balance between privacy and light control.


If you wish to have a good amount of sunlight but want it diffused then select sheer fabrics. They offer ample sunlight and optimum privacy.


This opacity option is ideal if you wish to block natural light while still maintaining a view outside. They are perfect for living rooms and study areas.


If you do not wish to wake up in the early morning because of sunlight then choose blackout fabrics. They have room-darkening qualities that improve the quality of your sleep.

They Are Very Easy to Maintain 

These roller shades should be cleaned at least once annually which is an easy process. First, you need to remove their brackets and then lay them on the ground. The next step is to use a cleansing solution made by blending warm water and liquid detergent. Then air dry as well as press them well prior to installing them again.

Now you know the key reasons why you should install small window roller shades. Their minimal yet functional design makes them a great option for small windows. They are also available in various styles and patterns suitable for any room and are easy to maintain and operate. For the best roller shades for your window, contact a leading window treatment company near you.

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