7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Glass Company in Toronto to Fix Your Broken Glass Door

Toronto Glass Company to Fix a Broken Glass Door

Whether a tree branch falls on it during a storm or your child accidentally throws a ball through it, even a high-quality glass door is at risk of breaking.

And repairing a broken glass door, or installing a new one, requires professionals. Therefore, you need a trusted glass company to do it.

But how do you pick the right one?

In this post, we discuss the key factors to keep in mind, as provided by a top glass door company in Toronto.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Reliable Glass Company

Here are a few important questions to ask when hiring a trusted company for glass door repair.

Are They Experienced?

Remember that residential and commercial glass doors call for different repair and installation techniques. So, hire a glass company (in Toronto or elsewhere) with experience in glass door repair.

Are They Knowledgeable About Different Types of Glass?

Make sure your glass company of choice has in-depth knowledge about different types of glass, especially tempered glass as this is the safest and strongest for glass doors.

Do They Offer Quick Service? 

As your glass door may break at any time, hire a company that is available 24/7. This way you do not have to wait for hours, for instance, during a raging storm for your repairers to arrive.

Is Their Attitude Professional?

From your initial contact to installation, your glass company of choice should be cordial, polite, and maintain a professional attitude. They should also take the necessary steps to protect your property and clean the space once their work is complete.

Are They Insured?

Always choose a glass company that is insured and bonded. So, if any mishap occurs during their work, you are assured of compensation.

Do They Have Good Customer Reviews?

You want a glass company with a good reputation. So, be sure to read customers’ reviews posted on HomeStars, Yelp, Google, or other platforms. In this way, you learn about your chosen company and their services before you spend a cent.

Do They Offer a Free Quote?

A reputable glass company should provide a free quote. This should include the details of the service to be provided including the kind of material to be used and the cost of installation and labour.

There are many reasons to hire a reputable glass company in Toronto to fix your broken glass door. Be sure to answer these questions when making your choice. Make sure you choose one that values your property and provides high-quality service.

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